About Laura

Hi I'm Laura, and I love photography. The moment I picked up a camera and started shooting, I knew that photography was something I wanted to pursue in life! Capturing the moments and beauty of life flying on by is a wonderful thing to me. I love seeing the world through the lens; smiles, laughter, beauty, art, shapes, lines, curves, light. What I love about photography is that you are capturing reality in front of you, and it is what is real infused with a passion for art that makes us fall in love with pictures.

I came to a point where I had to decide what type of photography I really wanted to do. I shot one boudoir session and the positivity that came out of it brought me so much happiness and satisfaction with my work. Then I shot a wedding with my friend who is also a professional photographer and I was hooked. And the rest they say is history as Laura Studios was born shooting boudoir and weddings.

My goal with boudoir is not to take pictures of women in lingerie. It is much more than that. It is to create an experience for women that they will remember, one that builds their confidence in their own body and shape, brings out their inner beauty, and captures them in their most stunning and natural form. I want to make women feel beautiful and to create images that will remind them of their own beauty, strength, and power as women for years to come!

I also love shooting weddings. The moments fly by while I capture them in-camera like a fly on the wall. I love capturing those subtle moments whether it's a bride's tear as she reads a note from her groom, or whether it's that heart felt look from the bride's father as he sees her for the first time in her wedding dress. What inspires me about wedding photography is that I know my images will last a lifetime and that they will be cherished in that marriage for years to come.

My friends call me a neat freak. I have to clean everything. Maybe this attention to detail finds its way into my photography. I also have to have my one cup of coffee every day. My friends are trying to wean me off of it. I love love traveling so much! Put me on a plane and I'll be there! I lead a very busy and exciting life from studying in the health care profession to public speaking as a leader so my personal Facebook might seem kind of boring even if life itself is intense and crazy for me every day.

I love getting to know and meet new people so please don't hesitate to send me an email or give me a call anytime. I'd love to connect!



Photos of Laura courtesy of Just Married Photography

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